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O3 On-Line Analytical Processing

O3 is a 100% Java-based On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) tool for everyday business analysis. O3 offers instant and clear answers to business questions that took much longer to obtain with older technologies.



What is OLAP Technology?

OLAP technology provides analysts, managers and executives with a clear insight into enterprise data through fast, consistent and interactive access. It provides a wide range of information views that reflect the real dimensionality of the enterprise. One of the most important features of the OLAP functionality is its analytical and navigational capability applied to multidimensional queries. This capability is facilitated through the transformation of two-dimensional data into multidimensional models or “cubes”.
These models allow end-users to drill up and down through successive layers of detail to discover trends, relationships and patterns.

O3 is implemented over the Internet in a multi-user client server mode and consistently offers rapid responses to queries, regardless of database size and complexity. O3 helps the user to understand information through personalized viewing and comparative analysis of enterprise data.


Next Generation Solutions, Inc. has successfully implemented O3 technology in organizations as large as the US Army, and would be pleased to help your organization harness this powerful web-based technology.

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