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Custom Software Design

Next Generation Solutions, Inc. has always placed its customers’ requirements first and foremost. We listen carefully to client needs, then contribute our years of experience in business process improvement to arrive at an optimal solution. Our recommendation often includes existing off-the-shelf software, if appropriate, but may also include custom software design, development and implementation.

  Custom Software

When custom software is needed, we use state-of-the-art design tools to facilitate a clear understanding of the planned system and its interface with other automated and manual business processes. We believe in an open and thorough dialogue between our design team and the client from the very outset. Our objective in design is to arrive at a very concise and comprehensible design and to reach complete agreement with our client on the features of the system to be implemented. We believe that their should be no “surprises” either to our client or to our development team during or after system development and implementation.

We have been very selective in our choice of software development tools over the years and have opted for those tools that offer the fastest development path, while maintaining flexibility and efficiency. We insist on delivering the best value to our customers in terms of short development cycles, reasonable development costs and low ongoing maintenance.

We have identified several generalized business applications development systems which meet these criteria: Windev and Clarion. Both of these offer rapid application development, richness of features and integration with existing SQL databases.

A thorough understanding of our development tools and reliance upon a carefully crafted design documentation enables our company to provide a development schedule and budget upon which you, the client, can rely.

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