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Universal Auction System™

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Next Generation Solutions, Inc. is a high-technology company that specializes in rapid application development (RAD) solutions to unique business system needs in government and industry.


We pride ourselves in maintaining an unbroken record of on-time and within budget delivery of custom software solutions. We have been in business continuously since 1987.

  What’s New

Next Generation Solutions, Inc.
Launches the Universal Auction System™

Next Generation Solutions, Inc. has enhanced its premier software product for organizing and conducting live and silent auction fundraising events. The newest version of the auction software, version 1.3 was released in January 2008 and is commercially available.

This system is designed for schools, churches, non-profit organizations, civic associations, community groups and just about any organization conducting live and silent auctions for fundraising purposes.

The Universal Auction System™ automates all phases of the auction planning and delivery process from the initial concept for the theme and activity planning to the intake and pricing of donations, catalog production, bid recordation, checkout and billing and management reporting. No auction event is too large or too small to be the focus of this system, as it is completely scalable from a single-user to networks of twenty or more workstations.

Contact us for a free demo, and you will be amazed at the amount of staff and volunteer effort you can save on your next auction with this product.



“We’ve created the U.S. Army standard for worldwide financial reporting of non-appropriated fund activities.”

Our staff’s expertise and achievements are many-faceted, and we are particularly proud of our accomplishments in creating SMIRF (Standard Management Information Reports for Finance), the U.S. Army standard for worldwide financial reporting of non-appropriated fund activities. Non-appropriated fund activities comprise over 100 recreational, housing and family services programs critical to the morale and welfare of U.S. military personnel and their families throughout the world.

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